Transform concrete into an elegant floor that resembles marble or glazed stone. Concrete can be stained and scored creating elegant flooring. It is the perfect finish to turn concrete into a luxurious floor that is very affordable. It is a consumer-friendly, easy to use, decorative solution for concrete. Beautiful Concrete Floors

It is the perfect choice for both interior and exterior concrete surfaces. Decorative concrete finishes give a clean, attractive look. Use on driveways, patios, walkways, and entrances as well as concrete decorative items such as statues and urns. Stained or coated concrete floors are tops in terms of permanence and durability. The stains will not chip, fade, or peel, and they last the lifetime of the surface to which it is applied. Wax or sealer can be applied to further enhance the depth of color and provide surface protection.

Stained concrete conveys a very imperial and majestic look and by using another different medium of coloring it would not be easy to have such a look. With the passage of time-stained concrete tiling is getting in the middle of the road day by day. In this way, a crumble proof stain can be given to the concrete that would never dull and strip. It would become the nucleus of attraction for those who will encounter it.

The stained concrete floor is multipurpose and can be used in both the exterior and interior. It is not a momentary fashion like other trends of designs but stained concrete flooring will remain in fashion for a long time even for many practices it could become a convention. It has got a broad range of application and versatility and it can be used even from pathways to the floor of your bedrooms

You are not restricted to be confined within a single color with stained concrete flooring. You are liberal to use any of the colors you want to use. You can even apply a combination of different colors to get unique shades. From many of the manufacturers of stain, you will be provided with the color table and real samples of colored concrete which will help you to easily get an idea.

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  • Residential Stained Concrete Floors
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  • Custom Design  Stained Concrete Floors